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Jack E. Urquhart

Jack E. Urquhart


Jody M. Urquhart

Jody M. Urquhart


Employment Arbitration Agreements Reach Epic Status

Read Employment Arbitration Agreements Reach Epic Status by Jack Urquhart!

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Who we are…

Jack E. Urquhart, JD

  • Attorney Mediator Arbitrator
  • Mediates and Arbitrates:
      • business,
      • personal injury,
      • commercial,
      • construction,
      • family law,
      • divorce,
      • child custody,
      • elder care, and
      • professional malpractice conflicts.
      • Years of focus on negotiation as an integral and essential component of dispute resolution, including cases before the court.

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Jody M. Urquhart

  • Mediation and conflict resolution professional.
  • More than three decades of experience in communicating, guiding and negotiating people through conflict and toward resolution in highly stressful environments.
  • Holds Certificates in
    • Basic Mediation
    • Advanced Family Mediation,
    • Elder and Adult Family Mediation,
    • Parenting Coordination & Facilitation,
    • Divorce and Child Custody Mediation, including the newly Texas Legislative mandated Family Violence Training

    earned through Manousso Mediation & Arbitration, LLC.

  • Certified Legal Assistant through the Texas Para-Legal School, Houston, Texas – 1980. Legal Assistant from 1980 to present, focusing on civil litigation and family law matters.
  • Lead legal assistant in complex jury trials and family law matters.
  • Lead legal assistant in negotiations, mediation, arbitration and non-binding summary jury trials.

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What we do…

Basic Mediation

Advanced Mediation

Elder Care Mediation